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Diesel power pack. Quite a large machine, has hydraulic extender wheels. Has large lift capacity and starts,operates and not new. Lift good to 50'. A repair to the ram in the boom is needed to extend. Otherwise it goes well. This machine is being sold AS IS for wrecking or rebuild. Sold as a salvage item. 6178hours $6000+GST






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Boomlift-JLG (D00208)sold Photo 1Boomlift-JLG (D00208)sold Photo 2Boomlift-JLG (D00208)sold Photo 3Boomlift-JLG (D00208)sold Photo 4Boomlift-JLG (D00208)sold Photo 5Boomlift-JLG (D00208)sold Photo 6

Boomlift-JLG (D00208)sold Photo 7Boomlift-JLG (D00208)sold Photo 8Boomlift-JLG (D00208)sold Photo 9Boomlift-JLG (D00208)sold Photo 10Boomlift-JLG (D00208)sold Photo 11Boomlift-JLG (D00208)sold Photo 12

Boomlift-JLG (D00208)sold Photo 13Boomlift-JLG (D00208)sold Photo 14Boomlift-JLG (D00208)sold Photo 15Boomlift-JLG (D00208)sold Photo 16Boomlift-JLG (D00208)sold Photo 17Boomlift-JLG (D00208)sold Photo 18

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