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Bogie Steel Tipper (1) *

Centre point suspension. 31 1/2 ft x 6 ft. New hoist. CURRENTLY UNDERGOING REFURBISHMENT $20,000

Bogie suspension complete (45) *

Hub to hub with springs and rockers. S-cam brakes Price $1,400.00 plus gst

Freighter Triaxle Trailer (2) *

3 deck spiken trailer. Date 10/1/77 44000 capacity rating. Reg TJY606 Good 10.00 tyres. Serial no 38370 Needs refurbishment. Make ideal cut down from 3 decks to 2. Price $5,500 plus gst

Triaxle Stainless Steel Tanker (6) *

John Bell Trailer. Approx 20000lt. Spring suspension. Spyder suspension. Spyder rims. Kruger hubs. Reg TBO270 Serial no OES011. 5 fill lids on top. 1 side bottom outlet. 1 rear outlet. Price $17,...

B Double Chassis Tipper (14) *

A TRAILER: 1992 HBT chassis tipper, vin# 6B9TWBBTTN2AC7224, pin to pin = 25', sides = 4'10", tub length = 20'5", pin to front of trailer = 4', on airbags. B TRAILER: 2002 Tefco chassis tipper, vin# 6...

Hockney Tanker (26) *

1984, 38'x5', chassis# 1006, 5 compartments x 5000ltrs each, toolbox, spyder rims, bpw hubs. As is. Price $8635 plus gst

Maxicube Bogie Pantech (35) *

1986, 42'x8', tandem axle, chassis# 001007, leaf suspension, barn doors @ rear, checker plate floor. Price $2727.27 plus gst

Low Loader (J039) *

Bogie axle float, approx 18' deck, rear ramps, spring loaded, fitted with 15" wheels, no cp, ideal for off-road. Price $5,909.09 plus gst *Stock Crate not included

Air Ride Tri Axle Tanker (J046) *

06/1991, tarmac emulsion tanker, vin#6B9175200MAAC2090, 36 tonne rated, spyder rims, tool box, hydraulic recirculation drive, york hubs, leaf spring suspension, rear ladder, top safety rail (pneumatic...

FTE Fridgevan (J049) *

1987, model 2A, vin/chassis# FTE1893, atm 30000kg. Price $5230.00 plus gst

2003 Shanks B-Double 2 Deck Cattle Crate (47) *

A Trailer - vin# 6B9TABBST32AD1750, 20'. B Trailer - vin# 6B9TABBST32AD1751, 41', toolboxes. Both are triaxle, with spyder rims & bpw hubs, air bag suspension. Clean & tidy, appealing outfit. Price...

Krueger Tri Axle Drop Deck (38) *

02/1985, 40'x 8', chassis# KT1869, atm 38 tonnne, container pins, spyder rims, leaf spring suspension, dog box, $31,750.00 + GST

Skel Trailer (J023)

1973. Price $2500 plus gst

Freighter Bogey Axle Flat Bed Semi Trailer (D28) *

1979, serial# 45263, chassis# 45263, length 40', atm 22 tonne, leaf spring suspension, spyder rims, container pins, tmc hubs, dog box, timber/checker plate floor. Price $8,500 plus gst

Tri Suspension (D27)

Price $3,500 plus gst

Tipping Trailer (J051) *

Price $1,500 plus gst

Southern Cross Flat Top Trailer (D26) *

1985, vin# 7606, chassis# DUPCHSA002132151, 41'x8'2.5", gvm 20000, tare 7360, good tyres & brakes, has 40' container pins, lead road train trailer. Price $7135 plus gst

3 Axle Pig Trailer (D25) *

Chassis# VTRL920780296, has been used off-road. Price $4500.00 plus gst

Farm Trailer (J056)*

5990 long (deck), home made farm trailer cut down from semi-trailer. NOTE: tank not included Price $1,900 plus gst

Cage Trailer (J057) *

4.5'x7'. Price $800 plus gst

Freighter Tri Axle Steel Tanker (J060) *

1982, gvm 42500, tare 9920, vin# SYM004, approx 26,000lt, diesel motor, spring suspension. Price $12950 plus gst

Tipper Body (J055)

3830mm(L)x 2530mm(W), two way tailgate.

Gitsham Curtainside Pig Trailer (D24) * SOLD


Neat, clean & tidy, atm 16,500kg, fitted with ring feeder. VIN R8T048507 Date of manufacture 1978 Tare 3800kg 6375mm inside measurement(20'11 ") 9850mm overall length (32'4") Price $9000.00 plus g...

Maxicube Tri Axle Refrigerated Pantech (D23)

05/2006, vin# 6F8T250006B071042, atm 38,000kg, airbag suspension, barn doors, alcoa rims, Thermo King refrigeration system. Sold as is. Price $7,000 plus gst

2 x 1 Stock Crate only - (JJ29)

Stock Crate only - no trailer. Needs a tidy up $6000 + GST

Tipper Body - (JJ30)*

Tipper body, Suit Quad dog $5500 + GST Length = 5.420 mtrs

Fuel Trailer(D22)

Road pack Brakes,springs and lights fitted Good clean unit $2500 + GST

1990 Freighter drop deck trailer (D29)*

Tri axle trailer on air bag, 41ft deck Hydraulic 12 volt power pack Heavy duty ramps GVM 350 37,750.00 + GST

White Van(D333)

$6,500.00 + GST

Blue Van(D332)

$5,500 + GST


40 ft trailer Bogie trailer $6000 + GST

Dario Tamdem Axle Caravan / Site Room (D336)*

22011405/1 Dario Tandem Axle Caravan, crib room, serial no: 9048,VIN: 6G9T21000L2CA9008,Odometer not visible,Fitted with: Length 21ft,GVM: 4 Tonne,split into 3 rooms,Storage room, Toilet,Gas Bottle,St...

Dario Tamdem Axle Caravan / Site Room (D335)*

22011414/1,Dario,Tandem Axle Caravan,Crib Room,Serial No:8937, Odometer Not Visible,Fitted with:Length:21ft,split into 3 sections,2 Storage Rooms,Crib Room has sink,Microwave,3 way Fridge,Fluro light,...

Tefco 4 Axle Dog / Quad Dog(JJ34)*

Tipping trailer Build year 2000 Compliance date;05/2000 VIN6T9T2AR02Y0KYM006 $20818.18 + GST

Fruehauf 40 ft skel with belly tank (D43)*

40 ft skel with multi container pins $5,000.00 + gst

Large Tray (JJ37)*(SOLD)

6730 x 2400 tray,... Rails 830mm side to side, 50mm wide High 1580 $1,100.00 + GST

Small Tray (JJ38)*

2485 X 6230 Tray,.. Rails .. 700mm side to side, 50mm wide 1920 High $1,250.00 + GST

Low LoaderD00086*

Sold as is. Good solid frame, Bogie low loader on center point suspension. needs rear axle fitted which will be supplied $6,000.00+gst

Bitumen Tanker(D00088)*

Tank no. 1418 Manufactured Feb 1997 Tank capacity 12,000 ltrs $14,500.00+gst

2 Deck Stock Crate (D00093)*

1979 41'6" Dillion & Regan Wagga Refurbished not new. Box section open top Sliding bogie freighter with checker plate steel float $42,500.00+gst

Fridge Van Body(JJ00106)

5210 x 2500 width 2240 height 750 Chassis rails $2,500.00 + GST

Tri Axle Trailer(D00095)

41' Tri axle Hallmark flat top trailer with 3 way trailer pin steel floor straight & tidy $7250.00+gst

Bogie trailer(D00094)

Fuel tank sold separately 26'handy grouper trailer size Needs floor repairs at back Good potential $6500.00+gst

Tri Axle A Trailer(JJ00114)(sold)

$13620.00+GST.... 7570 Top Deck (24'10")

1982 Tieman Tanker (D00104)*

1 Axle 10,000 Litres Previous rego 43484-S Tare 5520 Chassis: R17T10478U VIN:RT1210478U? 10,500 + gst

Barker Tri Axle Flat Top (D00120)*

41 foot Stock special 10-1 spread $13,500 + GST

White Tipper(D00125) POA

Vin6B9WTE000PMB8535 July 1993 POA

Taglon Tray(D00130)

1993 Taglon Tray Twin Axle Vin 6D9SFTTALPGSH3012 GMV 15000


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