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Bogie suspension complete (45)

Hub to hub with springs and rockers. S-cam brakes Price $1,400.00 plus gst

FTE Fridgevan (J049) *

1987, model 2A, vin/chassis# FTE1893, atm 30000kg. Was in service, has good tyres. 30' long, 2.37m internal measurement. Spring Suspension. At this price, motor untested. Price $5230.00 plus gst

Skel Trailer (J023) sold

1973. Price $2500 plus gst

Tri Suspension (D27)

Price $3000.00 plus gst

Freighter Tri Axle Steel Tanker (J060) *

1982 Freighter, Cleanaway steel tank gvm 42500, tare 9920, vin# SYM004, approx 26,000lt,2 cyl diesel motor, spring suspension. 6' diameter, 36' long Ex Rego 10794A Price $12900 plus gst

Maxi Cube Fruehauf(D333)

Triaxle October 88 41' long, airbag suspension, interior width is 2.43m. Tyres are average. Fitted with large storage boxes. $6,500.00 + GST

1988 Refrigerated Trailer(D332)

Triaxle. 40' 6" long. Spring suspension. 2.36 interior measurement. $5,500 + GST

Fridge Van Body(JJ00106)

5210 x 2500 width 2240 height 750 Chassis rails $2,500.00 + GST

Bogie trailer (D00094)

Tank sold separately. It has been used for fuel and water. Need to inspect for your use. 26'handy grouper trailer size. Needs floor repairs at back. Good potential. $4250.00+gst

White Tipper(D00125)*

Vin6B9WTE000PMB8535 July 1993 Tip over axle will tidy up 13,000.00+gst

Tipper Muscat Trailer(D00126)*

06/1987 Muscat vin VTRLO1397AO82 32'long aluminium body fitted with super single tyres Has had a new skid plate, draw arms and tarp fitted.

Drop Deck Trailer(D00128)* sold

No Rear Rack Double drop deck 41' trailer please note no rego history solidly built checker plate floor fitted with bogie Franklin air bags, 10 stud rims neat clean & straight needs lights & air li...

Adco Tri Axle Tipper(D00165)

Rego No NP(TA50MD)Build date 06/2011 vin 6T9T25R04B09PL002 Fitted with ATM 38 Tonne,9.16mm long Aluminium Body:1.700mm high sides. Two way tail gate,electric rollback tarp Hydraulic Ram removed- in ...

Tipper Body (D00169)

$2,500 + gst

Tradie Trailer(D00182)*

$3000+GST In as new condition. built 2014 Vin:6N6 BLACK B AUS

Aluminium Hamelex Superdog (D00194)*

1995 model, airbag suspension. $17500 + GST

Maxi Cube (D00203)* sold

44' long. Airbag suspension. 2.37 interior width. No rear door. $6000+GST

Damaged Tanker (D000207) SOLD

Please note, substantially damaged but could be a great static tank. Excellent late model suspension. $4500+ GST

Damaged Tipper (D000206)sold

Damaged condition. As is. $4500 +GST

Maxi Cube Van(D000218)

1985 model. Bogey. 41' long. Spring suspension. 2.37wide interior. Tyres, average to poor. Fridge Van. $5500+gst

Vawdrey Drop Deck(D000225)*

41000+ Gst Hydraulic power pack. 2003 Fitted with large belly tank on airbag. Good tyres. Steel floor. Neat, clean, tidy.

Tri-Axle Vacuum Tanker(D000236)sold


Tieman Vacuum tanker. GVM 37000 VIN6B9RT8828TMAC1828 5' x 32' long 1996 model Fitted with airbag suspension. Has been decommissioned by cutting two holes in tank. Easy fix. Clean, straight, tidy ...

Tipping Trailer(JJ00268) sold

Tractor trailing tipper. Sound old unit. Use for grain or rocks or whatever. $2650+gst

Sureweld Plant Trailer(JJ00265)*

Length 4300 Width 1860 VIN 6T9T27U9780BYZ009 12/08 ATM 2400. Tare 380kg Aluminium. Fitted with its own ramps. Ex government unit. $4300+gst

Hockney Tanker (D000261) SOLD

8' wide x 5' high x 36'6" long 35000L ShellTS482 NCS910 Suit Off Road $9000+gst

Tipping Body (JJ00340)

Length 5000 Width 3500 Height 1000 $1150+gst

Transwest Water Tanker (JJ00387)* gr

Good solid tanker that could do with a paint. Suitable for water cartage off road.

Hercules Tipper (D000297) sold

08 Hercules Quad Dog Tipper. Aluminium. 10 stud. Neat and tidy. $16200+gst

Hercules Trailer (D000302)

DOM 11/97 VIN:609T24RTAV2W91099

Stag Maxitrans Tipper HXW ST3 (D000311)* GR

9/2008 model 21ft X 5ft6" Tub Air bag suspension Lift up front and rear axles

Plant Trailer with ramps (JJ00466)

Hydraulic and electric brakes $3250+GST

Corvair Pressure Tanker (D000325)*

DOM 10/2000 VIN:6T9T25V8742AGP081 weight scales, 10 stud rims, hub-o-meter 2 more late model one's available at a cheaper price $15000+GST

Kockums Tanker (D000326) GR

DOM8/99 VIN: 6B9454CSCX2KVO359 Triaxle pressure vessel. B trailer 42' ATM 36t BPW hubs. Rear ladder. Various valves. 8 top fill hatches. Air bag suspension. LED tail lights. Pneumatic retractabl...

Single Axle Plant Trailer (JJ00502)*

Good solid trailer that needs a tidy up. Will tidy up well. 6.7m long 2.35 wide inside deck 8.5m long trailer $6250+gst

Kockums Tanker (D000330)*

Cp 07/02 Kockums Triaxle pressure vessel B trailer. 41' Vin:6B9453CSC22KV0422 ATM 36t BPW Hubs Front Ladder Various valves 7 top fill hatches. Mechanical safety rail. Air bag suspension. Alcoa rim...

Jamor Aluminium Tipper (D00335)

12/1984 wind down legs 6 Brand new tyres and other tyres are roadworthy. Clean & tidy. Brand new tarp fitted.

Southern Cross Tri-axle Tipper(D000336)

11/2011 Vin: 6B9X25NSXBAAB2223 Standard Triaxle Steel body Spring suspension Please Note: Slight bow on driver's side at top. $24500+gst

Emulsion Tanker (D000337)*

Bulk pressure tanker, series AT. Emulsion tank, triaxle, air bag, alloys. Liquid load 32000, tank capacity 34000 Date tested June 2015. To be redone 2017. Unused for several year. CP 08/05 Vin:6B9B...

Marshall Lethlean Fuel tanker (D000339)*

Please note: Damaged near side. Also has small holes put in that would need repair for usage. Would suit off-road or onsite fuel storage 12/2014 SN:ML6392 45000L x 6 compartments Vin:6LGC1MCML0M00...

Bogie Tag (D000344)*

2370 wide X 6159 long deck Homemade Low loader. Vin:TR47295360 Previous Rego J-42555 In need of repair $9500+GST

Bogie low loader (D000343)sold

2500 wide X 8280 long deck Homemade beaver tail plant trailer heavily constructed. New floor recently fitted. Low profile wheels. Being sold as a stat write off (NSW) due to flood water. Fitted wit...

Tag Trailer 2009(D000347)*

9T Beaver

VIN:6T9T23Y9790095005 9T Beaver 2480W X 7500L $10500+gst

Tag Trailer 1989 (D000346)*

2480w x 5560 deck Spring require repair VIN:6B9T27000K2AV0013 $7000+gst

2002 Tefco Tri-axle Tipper(D000351)*

2002 Tefco chassis tipper, vin# 6T9T25R0120KYM019, 30' long, 4'7" high, gvm 37000, good tyres & brakes. $30000inc

Freighter ST3 Tautliner (D000356)*

Can be used as is or cut down. The steel floor is in good order and the side curtains are reasonable. Gates are removable. VIN:6F8T25003NB052968 $12000+gst

2008 B Double Rear Drop Deck Trailer (D000358)* GR

Double Drop Deck, 2008 model A trailer 6.27m long B trailer 4.25m top B trailer 9.48m bottom In excellent condition All air bags and heavy duty hydraulic rear ramp. $58500+gst

Portable Fuel Tank (JJ00578)*

Good solid unit On heavy duty axle 915mm Dia X 1575mm Long tank $1500+gst

1986 Hallmark 45' Tri Axle Flat top (D000368)* sold

45FT triaxle trailer container pins Previous Rego:99043s Not registered since 2017 Steel floor, sliding tri. Vin:3577 $12500+gst

1976 Freighter Low Loader (D000367)*

24' from ramps to gooseneck with hydraulic ramps. Heavy duty unit. Previous rego 67412 s Not registered for approx ten years. On 15" rims. VIN:R34T193901720 $16500+GST

1989 Kreuger Tautliner (D000366)*

Ex Rego 00518 Vin:6FH2463DAKM003107 ATM:32000KG $11000+GST

Refrigerated Tautliner (D000365)*sold

Freighter ST3 91 model Vin:6F8T25003MB052649 Fitted on 17.5 tubeless tyres, airbag suspension. Sell as is with refrigeration unit and tautliner. Make ideal low loader. ATM 35000kg Fitted with T...

2004 Tieman Tri Axle Tanker (D000364)

Fitted with airbags. 44000 L Damaged on off side. Would well suit to be made into a static onsite tank. $13500+gst

Tandem Tradie Trailer (JJ00584)* HOLD

Box is 2450 x 660 x 1350. Overall 4250 x 2100 Custom made trailer, would suit someone wanting something a bit special. Fitted with seals on all doors. $3950+gst

Green Stock Crate (D000363)*

2440 wide 6100 long 2060 high Older crate that presents well. Wood in still quite reasonable order. Could modernise when required by putting aluminium on side. 2200+gst

Triaxle Tipper (D000373)

Coming in soon

Super Dog trailer (D000370)*

VIN:6B9X3DBB72AE6589 04/07 Aluminium Weight Scales Air bags fitted. No tarp $15000+gst

Farm Tipping Trailer (JJ00611)

Tray = 3600 x 1600 $2500+gst

Oliver Stock Crate (JJ00632)

4000 long 2130 wide 1880 High $1750

Farm Trailer (JJ00629)

4700 x 2270 Wooden floor $850+gst

Water Tank

1850 long 1300 wide

Short Drop Deck Bogey Trailer

Tandem axle drop deck trailer. Previous rego SA TQ0826. Checker plate floor. 35' long 8' wide NO CP $11000+gst


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