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Four Farmer Level Lift Field Span (103)

approx 30' span Price: $3,000 +GST =$3,300

Hopper (63)

Bagging Off Hoppers x 2

On wheels, $1,250

Heavy Duty Harrows (80)

Heavy Duty Harrows

Leaves available P O A from 70 to 170 Please phone to check availability

Cole Supa Flo Grouper (57) *

16'. Air controls. Extra tension and roll over tarp fitted. Price: $4,250 + gst

Honda Powered Spray Unit (11) *

Fit on tray. Can have a bar on back.

Horwood Bagshaw Stick Rake (10)

With fixed tynes only.

Shearer Field Span (74)

Wings 2-6 Back 3-65

Shearer Harrow - 13 leaves (73)

3-9 x 2 4-5 x 1 wide

Horwood Bagshaw Folding Wing Harrows (15)

15 leaves, hydraulic fold and lift. In good order. Price $5,500 plus gst

New Holland (126) ------------ REDUCED TO CLEAR!!!

3030 model. Cultivator bars fitted. Murry Harrows. Situated in Donald yard. REDUCED TO $3,600 plus gst

Shearer Scarifier (112)

Older unit, no ram. Price $1200 plus gst

New Holland Chopper (33) *

Crop Chopper 36 Price $2750 plus gst

Header Tracks (44) *

Complete and appear to be in good order Price $2500 plus gst

3 Piece Spike Roller (50) *

Original condition. 4330 wide (roller only-frame slighly wider) Price $1600 plus gst

60' Goldacre Boom Spray (J007) * ^

Foam marker, hand reel, Approx 3000lt. Price $7750 plus gst

KC Super Bins (J067) *^

2 bins, approx 5.4 cubic metres each. Price $1700 plus gst each

18 Disc One-Way Plough (J141)

Price $850 plus gst

3 Gang Roller (J130) *

Hydraulic operation, main roller 3m, 2 wings 1.2m each. Price $3,000 plus gst

Heaslip Grouper (128) *

Price $7,000 plus gst

Allbulk Grouper (J172) *

15'. Price $3,090.90 plus gst

28' Harrows (J177)

Price $1,800 plus gst

Single Tyne Tow Ripper (J179)

Price $1300 plus gst

Tynes (J062)

Napier 610 scarifier tynes. Price $165 plus gst each

Auger 18' x 5" (J082) *

Kimbell-Adeney. Price $1800 plus gst

Small Feeder Conveyor (21)

Price $850 plus gst

International 62 Combine Seeder (dadf200)

20 run, no seed box, good condition. Price $2500 plus gst

Spray Unit (D34) *

To suit back of a ute, Honda powered. Price $3,000 plus gst

International 211 Scarifier (D33) *

29 tyne. Price $5,300 plus gst

60' Jetstream Harrows (J032) *^

Harrows with welded on tips. Can supply changeover harrows for additional charge. Price $5,000 plus gst

Horwood Bagshaw Scarifier w Prickle Chain (J040) *

48 tyne. REDUCED TO $6000.00 plus gst

Bale Grab (J058)

FEL quickhitch. Price $800 plus gst

Bush Hog (J078) *

Price $10,900 plus gst 56 PLATE 32'cut

Hesston Mower Conditioner (J091) sold

Model 1070, serial# 1070-1593. Price $3,250 plus gst

Jetstream Grouper (J092) *

16' single bin grouper, in very good order, no motor. Price $3,500 plus gst

Vennings Grouper (J093) *^

15'9". Price $7,000 plus gst

Connor Shea Disc Seeder (J129) *^

Series 2, 14 run, 8' wide, in good working condition. Price $6800 plus gst

International 211 Scarifier (J158) *

25 tyne, Price $4,750 plus gst

Curly Tyne Scarifier (J168) *

Price $1,300 plus gst

Silage Grab (J002)*

1410 wide Hydraulically operated, quick hitch in good condition $1500 + GST

Seymour Multispread Trailing Belt Super Spreader(JJ31)*

Seymour multispread trailing belt spreader in excellent condition $7250 + GST

Hay Rake (JJ56)*

$1,250 + gst

Bale Grab (JJ58)*

$1,500.00 + gst

Green Scoop(JJ00047)*


Red rubber tyred scoop(JJ00046)*

$2200.00+gst Serial No 4850

International Scarifier 25 Tyne (JJ94)*

211, clean original condition mud scrapers and knock on points $4250.00+gst

Case Round Hay Baler 528 (JJ00034)*

With net wrap.Rotor Feed. Late model Excellent condition $21500.00+

Taylorway 36 plate Offset Disc (JJ00074)*

Taylorway 36 Plate Disc in good condition. Good solid frame with no cracks. 4 gang unit.Frame fitted with 4 floatation tyres, fitted with mud scrapes. 14' cut $10,500.00 + gst

Goldacres (JJ00080)*

1900 ltr Tank 58 feet boom Large late model pump. Good solid Tank Foam marker fitted on Bogie suspension Complete with monitors $4400.00+gst

New Holland 96 mower parts(JJ00094)

Gear box and leg $350 + GST

International scarifer Tynes and Parts(JJ00096)

Tynes in good condition $250+GST Draw bar hitch in good condition $220+GST

Jetstream Boomspray(JJ00092)

59ft boom $2750+GST

Connor Shea Scarifer Wrecking(JJ00095)

All parts available Tynes-$140.00+gst each

John Deere 7720 Header(JJ00108)sold

Turbo 7720 24' Open front on tractor Bat reel 2508 Hours (low hours) Can sell on offset payment $10,000 + gst

Hay Feedout Cart (JJ00119)

Neat and tidy. $3,000.00 + gst

Hay Rake (D00132)

New Holland 56 roller bar hay rake 1450.00+gst

Hay Rake(JJ00127)


New Holland 1495 Haybine/Speed Rower (D00137)sold

mower conditioner in great working order. Great running machine . 5113 HRS $13636+ GST

Offsets (D00145)

$6500+GST Unassembled

Grain Mother Bin(JJ00153)*

Four Farmers Mother Bin by Dunstan $18800+gst

Goldacres Boom Sprayer(D00146)*

Prairie-- 5000 ltr tank. 110 FT Boom Hyd drive on pump $17500+GST

Goldacres Boom Sprayer(JJ00158)*

$12500+GST 5000L PTO drive

New Holland Hammer Mill Mixer 352(JJ00161)sold

Hammer Mill only Checked & painted $8,500 + gst

Small Auger 6x25 (JJ00163)

6" x 25' 6.5hp motor $1850.00+gst



Auger 40X9 (JJ00192)*


Connor Shea Chisel Plough(JJ00193)

Excellent order. $2500+gst

Keenan Mixer Wagon(D00181)*


Keenan Klassik II $18500+gst s/n 14j1/10

Bonel Offset Plough(D00186)*


Late model 30 Disc plough fitted with hydraulics. 11'8" cut. Overall 5200 x 3200 W $8250+GST

Auger 48 X 9 (JJ00220)

Hydraulic drive fitted with moveable jockey wheel. Well balanced. Going through workshop.POA

Harrows 5x5x5 (JJ00217)*

Leaves in excellent condition $4250+GST

Harrows (JJ00215)

40' plus harrows. Hydraulic lift and hydraulic fold. In good original condition. Paint down. 6 a side and 3 across the back. Excellent for road transport due to width. Has dual wheel for road transp...

Hay Buggy (JJ00214)

Tow-able hay buggy fitted with pull on winch and 50mm tow ball. $1000+GST

Bush Hog Offset Disc Plough small (JJ00225)*

24 plate. Approximately 11' 6" cut Clean original unit. $9500+gst

Connor Shea 24 Run Disc Seeder(JJ00231)*

24 Discs Comes with a small seeds box. $6000+GST

Connor Shea Disc Seeder(JJ00369)

14 run. All new bearings in undercarriage. $7000+gst

Culti-pak Roller(JJ000262)*

2.5m wide. Made specially for smaller property owners and was used behind sod seeder. In extremely good condition. $2200+GST

14x4 Pencil Auger(JJ00258)

Fitted with electric motor. Neat and tidy. $680+gst

12 x 4 Pencil Auger(JJ00258)

No motor fitted. cog and chain supplied. $450+gst

16 Plate Offsets(JJ00281)

Neat, clean and tidy. $3000+gst

4" Roller Mill (JJ00285)

Ex Dairy farm. Selling as is. $650+gst

4" Roller Mill(JJ00284)

Ex Dairy Farm. Selling as is. $650+gst

Front End Loader Bucket(D00229)

From 4280 Cat FEL Back hoe. Sell complete as per photos. $3250+gst Tractor burnt, other parts available. Call for detail

Keogh Auger 30'x 9"(D000239)

Original paint. Fitted with electric motor. $3000+gst

Horwood Bagshaw Harrows(JJ00270)

15 Leaf harrow bar approximately 42' wide. Hydraulic lift and widening. Leaves in good order. Tidy straight machine. $5750+gst

FEL Sieve (Rock) Bucket(D000235)

Bob cat type sieve bucket. Properly manufactured. Straight and tidy. $1250+gst

Pellet Forks(D000234)

Bobcat forks properly manufactured. Done little work. $800+gst

Leahy Auger 40'x9(JJ00296)*

1 hp Kohler petrol motor Comes with third wheel with hydraulic motor. $6000+gst

Connor Shea Napier Offsets(JJ00290)*

39 Plate, in great condition. $10250+gst

Macey Feed Bin(JJ00307)*

Excellent condition. On springs. Outside dimensions. 1520x1520 $1900+GST

Small Seed Seeder(D000247)

Independent clutch. In working order. 16 run wide. $2250+gst

Horwood Bagshaw Chisel Plough (JJ00321)*

13 tyne s/n FF80578 $9900+GST

Field Bin (JJ00335)*

Sherwell. $4500+gst Neat, clean and tidy.

John Shearer Trash Culti Drill(D000259)sold

28 run with trailing harrows. $10000+gst

Roller (JJ00322)

Length 2300 Width 3100 Height 650 $550+GST

Southern Cross Irrigation(JJ00324)


S x 2500F vin:06b2008a22 $4500+GST

Connor Shea Wheeled Offset Disc (JJ00347) sold

J2 20 Disc Length 4800 Width 2400 $3250+gst

Connor Shea Wheeled Offset Disc (JJ00346)

J1 20 Discs Length 4800 Length 2400 $4250+GST

International 28 disc Offsets (JJ00344)*

28 disc Length 5500 Width 3700 $7000+gst

New Holland Hay Stackliner 1032 (D000266)*

Has been tested. Turns over and works. $11000+gst

Scoop (JJ00342)

Trailing scoop with 1.35m cut $2000+gst

Massey Ferguson Chaser Bin(JJ00338)

Length 3140 Width 2200 Height 1500 $2750+gst PTO Driven Fold down augers

Rodda Chaser Bin (JJ00337)

length 2400 width 2300 height 1300 $2600+gst PTO Driven Fold down augers

A2-10 International Scarifier (JJ00354)

21 tyne with ram $3500+gst

A2-10 International Scarifier (JJ00353)

21 tyne No ram $3500+gst



Rock Rake/Scoop (JJ00369)*

13' x 7' $8000+GST


Still to come in.

Field Bin

Still to come in.

Field Bin

Still to come in.

30' Keogh Auger

30' x 9"

50 'X 9 Auger (D00001)*

50' x 9" Kolhler 2 cylinder petrol engine. $6250+gst

Kubota M4500DT 4wd FEL (D000285)*

2837 hours $14250+gst

Fire Fighter Unit

600L Onga fire fighting unit


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