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Dendi Rotary Hoe (6)

Price $2,750 plus gst

Crane Jib (20)

3pl heavily built crane jib Price $750 plus gst

Single Tyne Ripper (70)

3pl single tyne ripper, very heavy solid unit Price $425 plus gst

2PL Scoop (38)

Price $400 plus gst

Offsets (57)

12 plate. Price $950 plus gst

5' Rotary Hoe (9)

RL1452, suit lighter tractor. Price $1,800 plus gst

6' Broom (29)

3pl, pto driven. Price $2,500 plus gst

Grader Blades (D66)

A variety of blades available. Prices start from $825.00.

3PL Toolbar (J001)

Price $450 plus gst

Offset Disc Banker (J047) *SOLD

Good solid unit, presents well, $1650+GST

Scarifier (J171)*

$800 + GST

Scarifier(JJ & D)

1100.00+gst Consignment Stock

Orange Scarifier 14113(JJ00190)

9 Tynes fixed scarifier $800.00+gst

Scarifier brown 14111(JJ00189)

fixed 10 tyne scarifier, set up for row cropping but has adjustable tynes to suit individual needs. $780+gst

Rollabar Hay Rake(JJ00197)

International 3pl rollabar rake. Clean and tidy. $1250+GST

4 Tyne Heavy Duty Ripper(JJ00241)*

Multi positions. 4 tynes supplied $1700+gst

Flail Mower(JJ00250)

Flail Mower, 5ft cut $2850+gst



Log Grab (D000258)*

length 1000 Width 660 Height 1100 3750+GST

Moorehouse Post Hole Digger (JJ00364)

with rear bucket. $1000+gst

Post Hole Digger (JJ00363)

Heavy Duty Gear Box 300mm auger Can be used as a jib. $1100+gst

Berands Multi Pilot Hole Auger (JJ00362)

Heavy Duty 1500mm $1100+gst

Ford Post Hole Digger (JJ00360)

400mm auger $900+GST

Napier Grasslands heavy duty auger and box (JJ00359)

350m auger. Extension on shaft $1000+gst


With cutting wheels on the front, 2800 wide (frame) 1300 long $5250+GST

Spring Tynes-10 tynes (JJ00460)

Gibbins & Rawling 10 tynes

3PL Grader Blade (JJ00487)

blade 2.4m $1000+gst

Connor Shea 10 tyne 3PL Seeder (JJ00501)*

This seeder has just been through the workshop. Rear press wheels.

V 10 Hay Rake (JJ00573)*

In good order. $2900+gst

Elgra Post Driver (JJ00594)*

Elgra post driver in great running order 2 Augers (4" & 5.5") $10000+GST

Amazone Spreader (JJ00597)*

ZA-M 1500

Standard 3PL model twin spinners, flip over tarp, has been cleaned, undercoated in two pack, some pitting inside tub. POA

3 PL Scoop (JJ00608)

730mm wide and high

Berends 3pl ripper (JJ00621)

In good order. $450+GST

Berends 3pl pipe layer (JJ00620)

In good order. $750+GST

John Shearer 3PL Heavy Duty ripper bar 5 tyne (JJ00615)*

5 tyne spring release. Fitted with depth wheels. Machine is clean and tidy and done very little work. $4750+gst

7 tyne Ripper with cutting wheels (JJ00614)*

Heavy duty fixed 7 tyne ripper bar. Fitted with coulter discs. Has depth wheels. Ideal for heavy duty application. Repainted. 3PL $3650+gst

Case JI 9 tyne Scarifier (JJ00640)*

Spring tyne scarifier Has depth wheels $1350+GST

3PL Scarifier (JJ00649)

7 tynes with new points

Fertilizer Spreader(JJ00722)

Made by Bezzecchi Italy, $800+GST

Lehy 3PL Ripper (JJ00740)*

Heavy Duty with PTO drive roll bar that makes it vibrate. $5250+GST

Flail Mower (JJ00752)

Flail mower, 5ft cut, $2850 + GST

Turbo Tiller / Aerator (JJ00754)

Made in England 9ft long 10ft wide, $2,500+GST

Rotary Hoe (JJ00762)

1370wide neat and tidy good condition $1450+GST

Berends Grader Blade (JJ00822)

6FT wide, $1000+GST

7 Tyne Ripper (JJ00839)*

6ft wide, $3600+GST

Stick Rake (JJ00848)

2800 X 2800, $1200+GST

5ft Slasher (JJ00866)

5ft Slasher with trailing wheel, $1900+GST

Carry All 4ft X 6ft (JJ00883)

All Steel $325+GST

3PL Ripper 5 Tyne (JJ00907)*

5 Foot, $2000+GST

7 Tyne Ripper (JJ00947)*

2.8M wide, $5000+GST

3PL Grader Blade (JJ00950)

8 Foot with Hydraulic rams

Carryall 3PL (JJ00951)

3 foot X 5 and a half foot

Carryall 3PL (JJ00952)

3 foot X 6 foot

Carryall 3PL (JJ00967)

3 ft long 7 ft wide

3PL Spring Tyne Scarifier (JJ00971)

21 Tyne, 11M long by 301M wide

3PL Chisel Plough (JJ00972)

7 Tyne, Howard Auto Cultivators

12 meter 3PL Boomspray (JJ01001)*

12 meter boom, 1000 litre capacity, $3,250.00 + GST


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