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Ford 3600 (JJ00507)*

Great running tractor Excellent rear tyres Post driver sold separately $8000+gst

Ford 4610 (JJ00563)*

4x4 In working order. 3.P.L , PTO No air con. 6638hours Good tyres $14500+gst

Case IH CX70 (JJ00582)*


Good running tractor. Starts, runs, drives extremely well. Clean and tidy.3PL, PTO, Missing door.

Zetor 6211 FEL (JJ00669)*


Zetor 6211 tractor, Fitted with FEL with hay forks, PTO, 3PL, Power Steering, 61HP, This model were Made from 1986 to 1992 Good running order,, $11850+GST

David Brown FEL (D000382)

$8000+GST, 5742 Hours

Mitsubshi MT180HMD (JJ00731)*

Good Tyres 3208hr, 18.5hp Starts runs and drives, 3PL, PTO $6500+GST

Chamberlain 3380 FEL (JJ00737)*

Runs well, good tyres, very clean 3PL, PTO, 73HP $16000+GST

Case HI 9170 (D000418)*


335HP,12speed power shift, power steering rams been resealed. It has duels to go with it. Believed to be a one owner tractor. Has had a dint in front grille. Presented in original paint with minor ...

Massey Ferguson 165 FEL (JJ00813)*


6125hrs, Genuine Massey Ferguson FEL kit, 3PL, PTO, No power steering, $8000+GST

John Deere 2700 (JJ00842)*


John Deere 2700 tractor, 4wd, 3pl, pto, Great running tractor, $16000+GST

Daedong DK50 FEL (JJ00846)*


50HP, 3PL, PTO, Bucket & forks,4X4, 1269 Hours on clock, Good tyres, Great little running tractor $23,250+GST

Iseki 5000 (JJ00845)*


Iseki 5000 tractor, 3pl, pto, 47hp Great running little tractor, $10500+GST

White 205 Tractor (D000436)*


White 205 Field boss Turbo Perkins engine Starts runs and drives Painted in 2pak Later model of this series Good tyres Vin TU70018U647992H $16,000.00 + GST

Ford 5000 FEL (JJ00886)

$12,000.00 + GST

Chamberlian 4280 (JJ00887)*


105 HP, 3PL, PTO, 4309 on hour meter, Great running tractor, $10,250.00 + GST

Fiat 450 Fel (D000466)*

Fiat 450 Fel very good tires, starts runs and drives, tidy unit, 3PL, PTO, 45HP, 6283 hours, Duel crowding rams, painted in 2k paint no power steering can be added for around $1000 extra $10,250+gst

Chamberlain 4280 FEL (JJ00904)*


Chamberlain 4280, 105HP, 3PL, PTO, Good running tractor $18500+GST

Case IH 5140A (JJ00911)*


109HP, 3PL, PTO, 4wd, Great running tractor, $21500+GST

Chamberilan 3380 (JJ00916)*

73HP, PTO, 3PL, good running tractor $8,000.00 + GST

Kubota M8950 FEL (JJ00920)*


96HP, 3PL, PTO, FEL, Great running front end loader with front wheel drive $28000+GST

Kubota Tractor L1501 & Rotary Hoe (JJ00942)*


Kubota L1501 tractor & 4 ft rotary hoe (Nita), Great little outfit in good condition, $7000+GST 955 Hours

Leyland 262 (JJ00954)


Leyland Synchro 262, 7560 hours, 3PL, PTO, $6000+GST

Chamberlain 3380 Tractor (JJ00955) SOLD

3052 Hours, PTO, 3PL, $7800+GST

Leyland 272 with blade (D000478)

Leyland 272 with blade starts runs and drives needs hydraulic work and general tidy up good rear tires $3,500.00 + GST

John Deere 4240 FEL (D000486)*


John Deere 4240 Fel upgraded motor to a turbo 4440mdl engine starts runs and drives tidy tractor most lights working painted in 2k may have hay forks to go with tractor $25500+GST

John Deere 2120 FEL (D000499)*SOLD


Great running machine, 3PL, PTO, excellent tyres, 3183 Hours, John Deere Loader $13250+GST

John Deere 1640 (D000500)*SOLD


Hours 2983, 3PL, P.T.O, Great running little tractor $18250+GST

John Deere 1640 (JJ00983)*


John Deere 1640 tractor, Great running condition, 3PL, PTO, 62HP, Excellent rear tyres, $11,000+GST

Layland 384 FEL (JJ00986)*SOLD


75HP, PTO, 3PL, Good Tyres, Bucket & Forks, 1903 hours $9250+GST

Ford 4100 FEL with 4 in 1 Bucket (JJ00987)*SOLD


2046 hours on clock, 3PL, PTO, 52HP, power steering, FEL with 4 in 1 bucket, $16000+GST

Fiat 880 (JJ00993)*


3PL, PTO, 88HP,$8450.00 + GST

East Wind DF354 (D000504)* SOLD


East Wind tractor, FEL with 4 in 1 bucket, 3PL, PTO, 35 HP, 4WD, Great running little tractor


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